Our Story

About Pampered Pups

Tanya with dogs

As an absolute dog lover, this boarding facility has been my dream to build for many years. I had 2 miniature schnauzers that were completely spoiled and were never boarded as I never felt comfortable leaving them at a kennel.

My dream was to build a boarding facility that was as close to a home setting as I could. A place where each dog had its own room and window to look out. Where the dogs are let out by a human for more attention and human contact, just like at home. A facility that offers a lounge with a TV for the dogs to relax and play in.

Pampered Pups is exactly what I wanted. It even features a sand stone fireplace in the lounge, which gives it that home feeling! A vacation destination for your beloved dogs while you vacation. Each guest is guaranteed to receive lots of belly rubs, snuggles, and attention. Our goal is to have your dog love it SO much that they will not want to leave.